Membrane treatment has now been around long enough for many of the older membrane plants to reach the point where retrofitting to upgrade process design, component selection or instrumentation and controls may be necessary to maintain functionality and reliability. Even if everything is still working well, retrofitting to incorporate energy savings measures or to increase automation may prove to have a surprisingly short pay-back period. Harn’s unique combination of engineering expertise and construction experience makes our company distinctively suited for retrofit projects. We have more experience upgrading membrane plants than any other membrane system supplier. We are knowledgeable about how to anticipate the unexpected and plan our work to minimize downtime and disruption to critical operating water plants. Retrofit projects are often alternatively procured due to the need to make sure that experienced companies are contracted to perform this critical work. Many of the projects listed below were Design/Build projects.

The following are Membrane Retrofit projects Harn has completed:

  • Martin County Utilities, N. R/O WTP, Jensen Beach, FL 4.0MGD
  • City of Venice, FL 4.4 MGD
  • Clearwater R/O WTP #1, FL 3.0 MGD
  • Oden Water Association UF WTP, ID 1.3 MGD
  • Bogue Banks Water Association, NC 1.5 MGD
  • City of Macomb, IL 0.95 MGD
  • North Lee County WTP, FL 10 MGD
  • Toluca, IL 0.53 MGD
  • Lee Co. Pinewoods NF Plant, FL 3.0 MGD
  • Palm Coast WTP #2, FL 3.1 MGD
  • Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority, FL 3.0 MGD
  • City of Sarasota, FL 4.5 MGD
  • Marco Island Utilities, FL 4.0 MGD

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